The growth of decentralized finance has created exponential growth in demand for stablecoins. Enter Sperax USD.

Current market leaders in DeFi have experienced massive growth, yet their reliance on centralized issuers and off-chain collateral makes them vulnerable to regulatory scrutiny, putting them at odds with the core principles of DeFi. …

To launch USDs, deep liquidity of $SPA is required so market participants are offered a fair price for $SPA when using arbitrage to bring USDs back to the $1 peg.

ATTENTION: Farms are live!

Check out Sperax farms here.

We have incentivized $USDs pairs so users can use $USDs as a currency without liquidity challenges. This will not only make Sperax USD protocol usable, but also distribute governance power to the community in a decentralized, democratic way. …

Thanks to the many incredible Sperax partners, the Sperax team, visionary investors, and the power of blockchain, Sperax is able to make its biggest announcement to date.

USDs is here.

Arbitrum now powers the first Layer 2 Native Stablecoin, USDs.

The hybrid, automatic yield-bearing stablecoin was launched in open beta…

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