Hello Sperax Community,

My name is Zack, and I am excited to join Sperax as a Partner of Growth and Brand. If this is your first time receiving our newsletter, welcome to our community, we are glad you are here!

This month we have been focused on community engagement and hiring as we expand and prepare for the next update of Sperax Play. These efforts have been paying off as we’ve seen a significant increase in social media engagement in our telegram group, and on our discord!

Our Telegram currently has over 10k users, join now to chat with us…

Hi everyone, this is Frida Cai at Sperax.

Sperax is entering a FLY stage to roll out some big moves:
❇️ USDs genesis (yes, we are aware of the recent stablecoin incidents and have done everything possible to make sure USDs is safe),
❇️ Sperax Play Fair soft launch, where users can exchange xp points to purchase and bid on merchandise,
❇️ Sperax and Oasis’s DUAL-incentive liquidity mining partnership,
❇️ and more.

This summer is about USDs genesis

All USDs whitepaper related stress testing and models are wrapped up. We are excited to launch a robust and appealing genesis liquidity mining event this summer.

Read USDs…

Sperax is pleased to announce a liquidity mining partnership collaboration with Oasis Network.

Read on to learn more about what we are doing and why we are so excited.

What we are doing

Sperax and Oasis are teaming up to build the future of digital cash. With the stability and censorship resistance of Sperax’s hybrid stablecoin USDs, paired with the privacy preserving technology of Oasis, together we can offer private USDs transactions.

To start this mission, we are offering a DUAL-incentivized liquidity pool on a private decentralized exchange currently under development on the Oasis Network. …

USDs stands out in three ways:

Dynamic Swap Fee, Constant Stable Interest, Dynamic Collateral Ratio.

USDs growth will also lead to SPA appreciation,

as more SPA burnt to mint USDs.

Why did stablecoins come into existence?

Cryptocurrencies, primarily adopted for speculation and investment, have been kept from becoming a medium of exchange due to their volatility, until stablecoins come to life. There are three main types: fiat-backed, crypto-backed, and algorithmic stablecoins.

  1. Fiat-backed stablecoins: USDT, USDS. Fiat-backed stablecoins’ issuers peg the stablecoins’ prices 1:1 to the fiat in reserve. Though deterring high volatility, the reserve is centralized: it is hard to verify the issuers. …

Hi everyone, this is David Zhao at Sperax.

May 2021 has been a rocky month for the crypto community, yet some say that such volatility is normal and to be expected from a speculative asset class that has already enjoyed immense price appreciation in such a short time.

Sperax continues to carry on following our roadmap. Read the following for our latest updates.

USDs whitepaper has been published.

We are actively soliciting feedback. Share your opinions here and win USDT 500 (100 each for 5 winners).

USDs is a novel, decentralized, hybrid, algorithmic stablecoin that will also utilize crypto collateral. It will be the first

NEW YORK — We are excited to announce that Sperax are collaborating with the University of Michigan (UMich) to undertake research on the Sperax testnet’s economics model and the Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain system. The Sperax research team will work with a PhD student Helen (Zhihan) Wang, guided by Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy, Jagadeesh Sivadasan.

Helen is a PhD student in Business Economics. She conducts research broadly in industrial organization and empirical operations management, with a special interest in applying microeconomics methodology to Blockchain and DeFi.

Professor Sivadasan’s research interests relate to industrial organization, labor and…

We are pleased to announce that Sperax is now verified and connected to the Messari Hub in order to provide more transparency to the decentralized ecosystem. Messari is a data analytics and transparency platform that is built for both enterprises and the public centered on the future of crypto and a multi-trillion dollar asset class.

In the traditional asset world, enterprises and individuals use platforms, such as Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters, to make educated decisions and perform due-diligence. Messari is working on establishing the same level of trust in the cryptocurrency space with the Hub. …

Hi everyone, this is Frida Cai at Sperax. It has been another month since our last catch-up.

Please read our April monthly newsletter for the latest updates on: stablecoin USDs whitepaper, synthetic assets’ blueprint, mobile app Sperax Play’s latest version, governance token SPA liquidity update, grant series LIFTED — II AMA recap, and more.

Coming: USDs’ whitepaper and genesis

We worked extensively, over multiple months, to produce USDs, the first crypto-collateralized algorithmic stablecoin that produces passive income to all holders. After thorough research and a lot of data crunching, we are finally publishing the whitepaper and the timeline for the USDs genesis in the next…

NEW YORK — Hi, I am Andrew Ye, Partner of Technology Development at Sperax. With excitement, I am unveiling our latest version of Sperax Play — Play v1.1 — for our loyal Speraxians.

At the moment of writing, the user growth keeps exploding and the total users reached 400K+, while the engagement rate climbed from 6415 users/min to 8800 users/min. We unlocked this milestone only six weeks after debut.

Clarification on SPA - xp conversion

Before we dive into the amazing new features of Sperax Play v1.1, I would like to clarify the relationship between xp points and SPAs (Sperax token).

  1. You can earn xp (experience…

Hi everyone,

I am Susu Pu, Partner of Research, sharing all the exciting updates over the past month at Sperax.

Spring is finally here. So it sweeps through in crypto. Sperax, meanwhile, has been striving to be at the forefront of this fast-moving industry. In March, both our technical research (i.e.stablecoin, derivatives, Sperax Blockchain testnet, and more) and community expansion (Play users explosion, liquidity mining, etc.) have developed as scheduled.

Make sure you read until the end of the newsletter to keep up with Sperax!

In the past month on USDs, we finalized:

  1. the liquidation and swap fee structure to algorithmically adjust the minting fee and burning fee…

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