Hello All!

It’s Cyrus again, Chief of Content at Sperax.

The crypto world never fails to excite.

In a wild September, the metaverse saw launching and stalling of L1 and L2 solutions, while thousands of talented innovators continued to work everyday to create seamless improvements to global finance on the…

We are excited to announce the APR schedule for Sperax liquidity mining! This is an early orientation to what liquidity providers can expect.

Please note that all numbers are TENTATIVE to change based on market conditions.

To launch USDs, deep liquidity of $SPA is required so that market participants are…

Hi everyone,

This is Cyrus, Chief of Content at Sperax.

August has been a month of huge growth in the crypto world, and especially for us at Sperax.

This month, we have opened a 10K bug bounty on Gitcoin, our team is growing fast, and the SperaxUSD launch on Arbitrum…

Sperax successfully upgraded it SPA smart contract on August 28, 2021. The new smart contract address is 0xB4A3B0Faf0Ab53df58001804DdA5Bfc6a3D59008.

Hello Sperax Community,

Sperax is upgrading its smart contract on August 29, 2021, for 10 hours with two major changes.

  1. Upgrade to elastic SPA supply, allowing for the price of SPA to reflect the growth and adoption of SperaxUSD (USDs).
  2. A short term safety mechanism, allowing for Sperax to pause the minting of SPA. This feature will be removed once approved by DAO vote.

These adjustments are essential for a number of reasons.

  1. The Minting function…

Sperax is pleased to sponsor our first hackathon with Gitcoin: Bridge the Gap.

We aim to bridge the gap between the crypto curious and the blockchain native to incorporate Sperax products into their financial lives.

As we near our yield farm and stablecoin launch this fall, we want to give our community a chance to ensure that our protocol will run clean. As…

Hello Sperax Community,

My name is Zack, and I am excited to join Sperax as a Partner of Growth and Brand. If this is your first time receiving our newsletter, welcome to our community, we are glad you are here!

This month we have been focused on community engagement and…

Hi everyone, this is Frida Cai at Sperax.

Sperax is entering a FLY stage to roll out some big moves:
❇️ USDs genesis (yes, we are aware of the recent stablecoin incidents and have done everything possible to make sure USDs is safe),
❇️ Sperax Play Fair soft launch, where users…

Sperax is pleased to announce a liquidity mining partnership collaboration with Oasis Network.

Read on to learn more about what we are doing and why we are so excited.

What we are doing

Sperax and Oasis are teaming up to build the future of digital cash. With the stability and censorship resistance of Sperax’s…

USDs stands out in three ways:

Dynamic Swap Fee, Constant Stable Interest, Dynamic Collateral Ratio.

USDs growth will also lead to SPA appreciation,

as more SPA burnt to mint USDs.

Why did stablecoins come into existence?

Cryptocurrencies, primarily adopted for speculation and investment, have been kept from becoming a medium of exchange due to their volatility…

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